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Medicare Advantage Plans

Times are changing with Medicare Advantage Plans in 2017 and changes in governmental policies are important issues for US Seniors. MedicareAdvantagePlans.us is the medicare site where Americans can get updated information on Medicare as it pertains to their life and health. We refer Seniors to licensed medicare supplement and medicare advantage plan providers like Humana Medicare Advantage that offer Medicare Plans in Your State.  We also include updated daily medicare news on the site to help keep readers knowledgeable on Medicare issues.

Comparing Medicare Advantage Plans

If you are qualifying for medicare for the first time or to just looking to compare medicare plans you have come to the right place. Find quotes on the Best Senior Health Plans with our medicare by state search map. There you can compare medicare advantage plans as well as supplemental medicare insurance plans. We have partnered with several medicare companies that provide a variety of medicare and Senior health insurance plans.

When reviewing medicare plans, in general you will want to compare two or three different plans. Medicare Advantage Plans are not the same as supplemental medicare insurance. See the video below for a full understanding of Medicare Advantage Plans.

Medicare Advantage Plans Open Season

Medicare Advantage Plans for 2017: If you are new to medicare you will want to enroll in medicare before you turn 65. Be sure to get a few quotes on different medicare plans to compare to the basic government medicare plan. The New 5-Star Special Enrollment Period for medicare which began December 8, 2011 give existing medicare members the option to change plans throughout the year. During the special enrollment period for Medicare Advantage Plans for 2017 you can switch to a 5-star Medicare Advantage Plan at any time during the year. Once you have completed your medicare quotes online, ask your enrolling medicare insurance agent to go through the available plans to help you choose the best medicare plan for you.

  • You can only join a 5-star Medicare Advantage Plan if one is available in your area.
  • You can only use this special enrollment period to switch to a 5-star plan one time each year.

Medicare Advantage Plans by Age

Over 65: If you are over 65 years of age or within three months of being 65 yrs old, you would qualify for our 65+ Senior Medicare Plans. If you would like to refine your medicare search to your state, take a look at our USA Medicare Directory. There are up to ten medicare insurance providers to choose from on each states listing. Shop around with a few quotes and get the plan that will work best for your situation.

It is important to enroll in the federal medicare program if you are eligible for Medicare. Here are two steps you dont want to miss when it come to Medicare.

  1. Enroll with the Government Medicare Program at 64yrs 9 mos of age.
  2. Compare available plans and get medicare quotes to find the best plan.

Under 65: Are you currently under 64 yrs 9 months of age? Then you would qualify for our under 65 health insurance plans. Just add your zip code in the form above and select under 65.

Enrolling in Medicare Advantage is an informational video that explains Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans and is compliments of Blue Cross of Illinois.


Medicare Advantage Plans by State

Medicare Advantage Plans List: At the US Medicare Map above you can find the top medicare providers in your state or at the links below, you will find Medicare Advantage Plans. Some of the most popular state pages are: AZ Arizona CA California CO Colorado FL Florida GA Georgia HI Hawaii IL Illinois NY New York OH Ohio OK Oklahoma TX Texas and WA Washington

Find 2017 Medicare Advantage Quotes here.