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5 Star Medicare Advantage Plans

The medicare program has established the medicare star ratings system in an effort to stimulate competition between medicare providers with the hope that the plans will improve. The star rating system focuses on the 5 Star Medicare Advantage Plans. While the rating system does not go into place until Dec 8th, you have an excellent opportunity to get enrolled in a great medicare plan during the coming open enrollment season. We will provide more details on the Five Star Medicare Advantage Plans program as they are released.

Medicare Enrollment
October 15th begins the medicare enrollment period for Seniors. Between Oct 15 - Dec 7th eligible Seniors can switch to a Medicare Advantage Plan, add a Medicare Supplement Plan or add on a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. There are several other changes that can be made in addition. If you are looking to join a Medicare Advantage Plan or to get Medicare Supplement Insurance enter your zip code below.

2 Responses to “5 Star Medicare Advantage Plans”

  1. Susan says:


    I have a question about your domain name 5STARMEDICAREADVANTAGEPLANS.COM.

    I’m interested in the 5-star Medicare Advantage Plans in my area. Zip code is 94030.
    Thanks, Susan

  2. admin says:

    To my knowledge Medicare has yet to post the lists of 5 star plans on their site.
    The 5 star rating system goes in effect Dec 8th. Here is a list of the top ten plans
    for Ca. http://www.trinitymedcare.com/medicare-quotes/california-medicare-advantage-plans
    Perhaps those providers/agents will have more updated information on the ratings.
    Open medicare enrollment is Oct 14- Dec 7th and you can choose any plan.

    Bill Simms
    Quote Guy Marketing Inc