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Anthem Blue Cross California

Anthem Blue Cross California

Anthem Blue Cross California

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Anthem Blue Cross California provides Californians with health insurance and medicare plans. Anthem has been providing California health insurance plans for over 70 years, long before the federal medicare program was even implemented.  Improving the health of plan members is the ultimate goal of Anthem Blue Cross. Government provides medicare plans have been around since 1965 and today California Medicare Plans from Anthem are more popular than ever.

Anthem Blue Cross California Medicare

Like other private insurance companies that provide medicare plans, Anthem Blue Cross California provides some great features for California Seniors. We have listed a few of those exceptional medicare features below.

  • Along with a full complement of Medicare products, as a member youll have access to wellness and preventive care programs, such as Custom Care Connection, weight-loss, stress, smoking cessation, nutrition and much more.
  • Customized tools and value-added programs and savings that give you the freedom to choose the personalized care and benefits you want, need and can afford.
  • A wide choice of Medicare Supplement policies, Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage options.
  • Additional benefits such as direct pharmacy services and savings and specialized disease management services.

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Anthem Blue Cross California offers medical plans for California residents from the time they are born and into their senior years with Anthem Blue Cross Medicare. Get medicare quotes online and compare Anthem to the other private insurance companies that have California medicare approved plans online.

Quick Facts on California Medicare for 2011: 1,734,900 of 3,943,424 California Seniors participated in medicare advantage plansOf the 3,943,424 Seniors 57% are women while 43% are menThere are 25 California Medicare Advantage and 30 different Medicare Prescription Plans in CA.


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