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Arcadian Health ArcadianHealth.com Humana Merger

Arcadian Health

Arcadian Health

Arcadian Health a provider of medicare advantage insurance plans announced on August 25th that their company is in the process of being aquired by Humana Inc in a mutual agreeable buyout. Arcadian Health has focused on medium and small communities and built a sizable health care business mostly in the Southeast States.

Arcadian Health – Humana Merger

“We are pleased that we were able to reach an agreement with Humana, and we feel this will ensure that our members will continue to receive the same quality and access to care as they have from Arcadian. Humana’s long history in managed care and specifically Medicare Advantage was an important consideration in our decision to enter into this agreement said Robert Fahlman Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Arcadian. The agreement concludes a process whereby Arcadian worked with the investment banking firm, Houlihan Lokey to find a Company that could offer synergy for Arcadian members and employees.

Humana aquires Oakland based Arcadian Health

With 64,000 members and a revenue of  $622 million in 2010. Search for Humana Medicare Plans in your state.

About Arcadian Health:

Arcadian Health, founded in 1997, provides Medicare Advantage coverage through its affiliates in the following 15 states: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Washington. The plans are offered under the following local product names: Arcadian Community Care (Louisiana and California), Arcadian Health Plan (Oklahoma), Arkansas Community Care, Columbia Community Care, Desert Canyon Community Care

Humana expands it’s reach with purchase of Arcadian Health

Are you an Arcadian Health member? What has been your experience so far with Arcadian Health? Has the new Humana Medicare merger with Arcadian Health gone well for you as a member? Feel free to add your comments on this page.

Here are the latest updates on the Arcadian Health acquisition:

DOJ Files Suit To Stop Humana Arcadian Deal. Wall Street Journal. The US Justice Department said Tuesday it filed a civil suit to block Humana Inc. s HUM acquisition of health-management organization Arcadian Management Services unless the companies agree to divest certain parts of Arcadian’s business to help Humana to Drop Arcadian Plans in Five States inSettlement Bloomberg. Justice Dept says it will require Humana Arcadian to divest some assets in 5 Washington Post. Posted March 27 2012 1 00 pm ET Modern Healthcare.com. The Cypress Times. all 129 news articles. DOJ Files Suit To Stop Humana Arcadian Deal Wall Street Journal

Humana Consents To Arcadian Divestitures In DOJ Pact. Fox Business. Humana Inc. HUM said Tuesday it reached an agreement with the US Department of Justice to divest certain parts of Arcadian Management Services to help preserve market competition as the agency raised concerns. Humana a health insurer DOJ Humana must divest assets to buy Arcadian Fierce Health Payer. all 3 news articles. Humana Consents To Arcadian Divestitures In DOJ Pact Fox Business

Humana Completes Acquisition of Arcadian Management Services. MarketWatch press release To resolve antitrust concerns Humana and Arcadian have entered into a consent agreement with the United States Department of Justice that will require divestiture of overlapping Medicare Advantage health plan business in eight areas within Arizona Department of Justice Requires Divestitures to Preserve Competition for JD Supra press release all 5 news articles. Humana Completes Acquisition of Arcadian Management Services MarketWatch press release

Humana agrees to divest to acquire Arcadian Healthcare business

Reference: http://www.arcadianhealth.com Arcadian Health website.

Arcadian Health Page updated Apr 9, 2012.

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