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2015 Medicare Advantage Satisfaction Survey

If you’re a Senior Citizen in the United States and you’re looking for a Medicare Advantage plan there was a survey released today done from the JD Power Company.They did a satisfaction study of Medicare Advantage members and we’ve included this article on the page,of the top Medicare Advantage providers. We have all listed here as well as the full article on Medicare Advantage satisfaction for you to read. When you get a Medicare Advantage Quote here you are referred a qualified Insurance Agent that has many of the top Medicare Advantage Providers listed in their portfolio of plans that you can choose from.

JD Powers Medicare Advantage Satisfaction Survey

2015 Medicare Advantage Satisfaction SurveyWith nearly half strongly agreeing their health plan is a trusted partner in their health and wellness, members enrolled in Medicare Advantage are quite satisfied with their plan, according to the J.D. Power 2015 Medicare Advantage Member Satisfaction StudySM released today.

The inaugural study measures member satisfaction with Medicare Advantage plans—also called Medicare Part C—based on six factors (in order of importance): coverage and benefits (24%); provider choice (18%); customer service (16%); information and communication (16%); cost (15%); and claims processing (11%). Satisfaction is calculated on a 1,000-point scale.

Overall satisfaction among Medicare Advantage members is 774, which is significantly higher than satisfaction among commercial health plan members (679).[1] Contributing to the high satisfaction with Medicare Advantage is that 46 percent of members strongly agree their health plan is a trusted partner in their health and wellness, which increases overall satisfaction by 177 points.

Coverage and benefits is the most influential factor in driving overall member satisfaction with their Medicare Advantage health plan. The study finds that 64 percent of members feel they have enough coverage for the care they need, resulting in a 102-point lift in overall satisfaction.

Medicare Advantage health plan members tend to have a more favorable image of their health plan than do members of commercial plans on brand measures of trustworthiness, affordability, reputation and customer-centricity,” said Rick Johnson, Director of the Healthcare Practice at J.D. Power. “Members pay more to move from Medicare to Medicare Advantage, and the plans and the government do an excellent job demonstrating the value of the Medicare Advantage plan. Members feel the money spent is worth it.”

One of the key benefits Medicare Advantage plans offer is the choice of providers—primary care doctors, specialty doctors and hospitals. Continuity in plan networks is a strength of Medicare Advantage plans, with 73 percent of members indicating their doctors and 74 percent indicating their hospitals were not dropped from their plan’s network during the past year. That creates loyalty and trust, as the average doctor-member relationship is 8.6 years and 92 percent of members agree their doctor is a partner in their medical care.

“People generally like to have a primary care doctor that they know and trust, and Medicare Advantage plans provide that for the vast majority of members,” said Johnson. “Having to switch providers because they are dropped from a plan adds a level of stress and a feeling of having to start over.”

– See more at: http://www.jdpower.com/press-releases/2015-medicare-advantage-member-satisfaction-study

Medicare Advantage Plans 2014

Q&A on Medicare Advantage Plans 2014

On the subject of Medicare Advantage Plans 2014, there are some concerns and confusion on the part of Seniors. Some are asking:
Q: Will Obamacare have an effect on how I get Medicare?
A: No. If you are currently qualified for Medicare or will be turning 65 in 2013-2014 the way you get Medicare will not change. Medicare is not affiliated with the government health insurance marketplace (Obamacare), so you will continue to be able to get your  Medicare Advantage Coverage through private health insurance companies as always.

Q: I am turning 65 in 2014 when  can  I join a Medicare Advantage Plan?
A: Those that turn 65 in 2014  can  enroll in an Medicare Advantage Plan  during a 7 month period that starts three months before your 65th birth month and ends three months after your birth month.

Q: Will my Medicare Advantage Plan rates go up in 2014?
A: We all know that Medicare Advantage rates usually rise on an annual basis. For 2014 the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have capped  the rate that MA Plans can  increase to 34%, That is down from 36%.  A realistic number to see on the monthly Medicare Advantage rates increases, may be closer to 20%.

>> More questions and answers concerning Medicare Advantage Plans in 2014 are below.

Growth and Rates for Medicare Advantage Plans 2014

Video: Bertha Coombs of CNBC discusses changes in 2014 Medicare Advantage Plans.

Questions on Medicare Advantage Plans 2014

Q: When is the annual enrollment period for Medicare Advantage Plans.
A: Oct 15 to Dec 7th is the Medicare open enrollment period. During that that time you can go from Original Medicare or your current MA Plan to a new Medicare Advantage Plan.  You can compare Medicare Advantage Plans in your state here.

Q: I heard that I can switch to a 5 Star Medicare Advantage Plans any time of the year. Is that true?
A: Not exactly. You can switch one time to a Five Star MA Plan between December 8th and Nov 30th of any calender year. Check with your  Medicare Adviser on which plans are the 5 Star Medicare Advantage Plans in your state.

Q: I like the idea of comparing medicare plans, but I am not sure Medicare Advantage is the way to go for me. Do you have any different Medicare Plans?
A: Yes. Another option you may want to consider is 2015 Medicare Advantage. These plans are less restrictive  as far as the Doctors you can choose. The traditional Medicare plan offered by the federal government typically only pays 80% of health care costs. By choosing a Supplement Medicare Plan (sometimes called  Medicare Medigap Insurance ) you close the gap on the amount of out of pocket health care costs you are stuck with.

Have more questions on Medicare Advantage Plans 2014?

Please leave us your questions about Medicare Advantage Plans 2014 season in the comments section below. Thank you.


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medicare advantage plans 2014The CBO OACT and industry financial analysts have revised their enrollment projections and expect enrollment in Medicare Advantage plans to continue to grow in 2014 after which their projections differ. The CBO projects. Projecting Medicare Advantage Enrollment Expect the Unexpected

The insurance industry won a major lobbying victory Monday after the Obama administration backtracked on an earlier plan to cut Medicare Advantage payments to insurers by 2.2 percent in 2014 and instead decided to give.  Medicare Boosts Rather Than Cuts Payments To Advantage Plans

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Medicare expert Nancy Oliker discusses changes for 2014 to Medicare Advantage plans or Medicare Part C. Medicare Advantage plans are offered through private insurance companies. They do provide all the benefits of Medicare Part A. Medicare Advantage Changes for 2014 UHC TV

References: 2014 medicare advantage plans growth expected

Medicare Advantage Plans 2013

Medicare Advantage 2013Medicare Advantage Plans 2013. 2013 has finally arrived and when it comes to medicare in 2013, Seniors can expect some changes in medicare advantage plans.  Medicare Advantage Plans.us is a  advantage plans specific site where Seniors can find Medicare Advantage plans online. You’ll also  find daily state related medicare news on  every page and comprehensive state medicare plan listings. Just scroll down the side of any page at Medicare Advantage Plans.us and you will find the latest medicare news and any news on changes in Medicare Advantage 2013.

Changes for Medicare Advantage Plans 2013

At Medicare Advantage Plans.us you will find the latest Medicare Advantage Plans 2013 news and updates so that you will know what to expect for changes coming to medicare plans in 2013.  We have posted the most recent Medicare Advantage Plans 2013 news below (posted Jan 26, 2013). In addition you can find the latest daily Medicare Advantage 2013 news on the right  of the page in the sidebar.

Changes Implemented in Medicare 2013

One thing is certain as of this posting. Americans who pay Medicare taxes on their wages are subject to an extra 0.9% Medicare tax if their 2013 taxable Medicare wages are over $200,000. Of course most American will not be effected by these 2013 Medicare changes in the federal tax law. This is a medicare tax increase on the employee’s wages directly and is not a tax increase on the employers tax responsibility.

The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 was passed by Congress on Jan 1, 2013. This puts come changes into place for Medicare.

  • Freezes medicare reimbursement rates for Physicians to 2012 levels.
  • It also postpones sequestration cuts to Medicare providers until March 1.
  • In addition hospitals and other providers have favorable benefit with the act.

In general it seems that Congress did what it had to in order to keep the Medicare system functioning properly.  There is  recent talk about raising the age for Medicare eligibility. Whatever changes are made to Medicare in 2014 and beyond, the future viability of Medicare lies  in the hands of those we elect to run our government.  For a more detailed analysis of the  American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 visit health care reform  insights.

Video on Medicare 2013

Rich Daly is a Federal Health Policy Reporter for ModernHealthCare in Washington Dc. Here is what he had to say: “For 2013 I expect a growing focus on major policy changes to Medicare and Medicaid, ad part of a larger effort to reform entitlements and reduce the federal governments growing debt. Both Republicans and Democrats in Washington appear united in an effort to shield Medicare and Medicare beneficiaries from any direct cuts. So expect a growing focus on providers, drug makers and insurers.” ….

Recent Medicare Advantage Plans 2013 News

Medicare Advantage Plans 2013

Medicare Advantage Plans for 2013

McKnight’s Long Term Care News. CMS Tweaks Medicare Rules for 2013. MedPage Today. By John Gever Senior Editor MedPage Today Rules covering Medicare Advantage and Part D plans will undergo minor changes for 2013 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services CMS announced late Monday. The final rules and payment updates taking CMS Medicare Advantage Part D to get 3 percent boost in 2013 reimbursements News-Medical.net. Two Picks to Play the Medicare End Market Barron’s. CMS Makes Improvements to Medicare Drug and Health Plans News Park Forest. Modern Health care.com The Hill blog all 23 news articles. CMS Tweaks Medicare Rules for 2013 MedPage Today

Life Health Pro. CMS Unveils 2013 Medicare Advantage Bidding Rules. Life Health Pro. By Allison Bell The federal Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services CMS says it will let the Medicare Advantage health plan growth rate or cost trend increase to 3.07 in 2013 from 0.7 this year. CMS also is making good on earlier Medicare Advantage plans get 3.07 growth rate in 2013 Fierce Health Payer. Medicare Announces Funding for State Health Insurance Counseling Programs for 2012Insurance News Net press release all 6 news articles. CMS Unveils 2013 Medicare Advantage Bidding Rules LifeHealthPro

Compare Medicare Plans for 2013

If   you are just turning 65, it may be in your best interest to Compare Medicare Advantage Plans. You will find the top insurance providers in your state. Compare 2 or 3 providers for best results. Oct 15 – Dec 7th 2013 is open enrollment for all Medicare recipients. Be sure to save this page and come back in October to compare medicare plan rates.

Medicare Advantage Plans 2013 article updated Jan 26, 2013.

Medicare Plans

Medicare Plans
Medicare Plans were first introduced in the USA back in 1965. Congress created Medicare under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act. It’s purpose, to provide health insurance to people age 65 and older. Back in those days, Seniors paid a medicare premium of $3.00 a month. Medicare premiums for 2013 are certainly a lot higher now.  There are premium exemptions for those with lower income levels though.

Since the original medicare program was introduced, medicare plans for Seniors have become available in a variety of plan types. Today Seniors can choose medicare plans that fit their lifestyle, health condition and income level. Some of the medicare plans you may be familiar with are medicare advantage plans. Supplemental medicare insurance and prescription drug plans are other optional plans for Seniors. Read more about these plan types below.

Medicare Plans Enrollment

Seniors in America should be enrolling in the federal medicare program when they are 64 years and 9 months old. This will make sure that their medicare plan benefits begin on the month they turn 65. For those Seniors already on medicare there are certain time periods where you can change medicare plans. Here are two steps for acquiring medicare that should not be overlooked.

  1. Make sure you enroll in medicare beginning at 64 yrs 9 months.
  2. Compare different medicare plans to choose the best plan for you, by getting medicare quotes online.

Types of Medicare Plans

In 2013 there are plenty of options for Seniors when choosing medicare plans. The original plans typically pays about 80% of medical bills after the deductible. Not all doctors take medicare patients, that is one of the reasons why finding the right plan to fit your individual needs is important.  Here are details on three medicare plan types to investigate.

  1. Medicare Advantage Plans: These are medicare approved plans that are administered by private heath insurance companies. They generally have additional benefits like prescription drugs, dental care, hearing, vision care and more. These plans are also know as Medicare Part C.  These medicare choice plans do offer desirable choices that 4 in 10 medicare beneficiaries take advantage of. Find Medicare Advantage Plans.
  2. Medicare Supplemental Insurance: These type plans are meant to provide additional insurance to cover some of the costs that the original medicare plan does not pay for. Depending on your health condition a supplemental medicare plan could be the best bet. Those Seniors not in the best of health can benefit the most from a medicare supplement plan. Find Medicare Supplemental Plans.
  3. Prescription Drug Plans: Prescription Drug Plans for Seniors provide insurance for prescription medications. These PDPs can be included in a medicare advantage plan or bought as a stand alone PDP. Costs and the benefit received will vary per plan. Find  Prescription Drug Plans

What is the medicare process and how does it work is a 4 minute video by Humana Medicare.
Find Humana Medicare Plans in your state.

Medicare Plans in the News

Bloomberg. Rep. Paul Ryan defends the Republican budget plan. Fox News. He is the Chairman of the House Budget Committee and he recently unveiled the GOP’s budget plan that proposes 3.3 trillion in deficit cuts by overhauling Medicare and the tax code among other things. Last week President Obama attacked the Republican Gulleson GOP budget hurts Medicare farm bill In-Forum. Bloomberg View The Obama and Ryan Budgets Have a Lot in Common Business Week. How the Banks Endangered Medicare New York Times blog TIME blog The News Journal Wall Street Journal blog all 76 news articles. Rep Paul Ryan defends the Republican budget plan Fox News

Voters face choice on Medicare plans. Nashua Telegraph. To respond to Emily Bloch’s letter regarding the changing of Medicare April 4 Ryan endorsement rather predictable both Rep. Paul Ryan and President Barack Obama’s plans will change Medicare as you know it and to believe otherwise is to be badly.  Voters face choice on Medicare plans Nashua Telegraph Find more Medicare News in the blue box below…

Medicare Plans article updated Jan 23, 2013.

Medicare Dental Coverage

A common concern among Seniors in 2013 is medicare dental coverage. Is dental care covered with the basic medicare plan? If not what plans are there that include dental coverage. All good questions that we will answer on this page. If you are on the basic government medicare plan, chances are you will not receive medicare dental benefits. Routine dental care like teeth cleanings,fillings,extractions and root canals are normally not covered with the traditional medicare plan. There are instances where restorative dental work is covered by medicare. Read more on when dental treatment is paid for by medicare below.

Medicare Dental Discounts

While medicare may not pay for the majority of dental work incurred by Seniors, there are nationwide dental programs that provide Seniors with major discounts on all kinds of dental treatment. Commonly know as  dental referral plans, these discount dental care plans get Seniors in to see the Dentist, who is willing to provide significant discounts in return for prompt payment. Discount dental plans for Seniors, like the one offered by AmeriPlan of Plano, Texas can be found for less then $20.00 a month and include the entire household on the plan. While not medicare dental insurance, these plans can save it’s members hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year. Ask Allan G of Evansville, In. Allan save over $3,000 on needed dental treatment recently. He now offers Seniors the opportunity to save on dental care through DentalCareFinders.com. Hear Allan’s dental savings testimonial below.

Medicare Dental by AmeriPlan

Medicare Dental by AmeriPlan

If you are considering a dental plan of some type, consider discount dental. Last summer I had dental pain and needed four porcelain crowns,three fillings, a wisdom tooth extraction and a teeth cleaning. Normally that would have been $5,600 but I got all that work done for $2,600. Saving $3,000 was a lifesaver. Another plus was that after getting the plan I used it immediately. That’s something you can’t do with a lot of dental insurance plans. One real key feature as well, I normally couldn’t have saved that much during the month or two months that I used this plan. That is because most dental insurance plans are restricted to a savings or payout of $1,000 to $1,500 a year. So if you are considering a plan look at AmeriPlan seriously.

Medicare Dental Insurance

Although the original medicare program does not provide significant coverage for routine dental care, there are are medicare plans that do include medicare dental benefits or dental insurance.  Often medicare advantage plans include dental insurance as an option when purchasing their medicare plan. Medicare advantage plans are optional medicare plans for Seniors that are medicare approved and administered  by private insurance companies. Get medicare plan quotes.

What Medicare will pay for on Dental Treatment

Currently, Medicare will pay for dental services that are an integral part either of a covered procedure (e.g., reconstruction of the jaw following accidental injury), or for extractions done in preparation for radiation treatment for neoplastic diseases involving the jaw. Medicare will also make payment for oral examinations, but not treatment, preceding kidney transplantation or heart valve replacement, under certain circumstances. Such examination would be covered under Part A if performed by a dentist on the hospital’s staff or under Part B if performed by a physician. Read more at CMS.gov

Medicare Dental Coverage News

PBS NewsHour. US Dental Crisis Sen. Sanders on the Fight for Coverage. PBS NewsHour. Laura Austan hasn’t regularly seen a dentist in almost 14 years. She has gingivitis a broken tooth a cracked tooth and little chance of relief few area dentists accept her disability and Medicare coverage. Out of options she dialed her senator. and more. US Dental Crisis Sen Sanders on the Fight for Coverage PBS NewsHour
Medicare Dental Coverage article updated Jan 19, 2013.