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Medicare Plans of America

In 1998 Bill Simms registered AffordableBenefits.com and began marketing discount dental and health plans to US Residents. Twelve years later he registered Medicare Plans of America and began helping US Seniors find better deals on medicare plans.


New Mexico Medicare Advantage Plans

There are a total of 9 New Mexico Medicare Advantage Plans for the 2012 medicare enrollment period. 81,106 of 247,630 Seniors on Medicare were enrolled in medicare advantage plans in 2011. With prices dropping on these plans for 2012, more Seniors are expected to join a NM advantage plan.


Oklahoma Medicare Advantage Plans

Finding the Best Oklahoma Medicare Advantage Plans are just about as important as your health. Find the right Medicare Supplement Providers here by completing one or more medicare quotes online. Reliable Medicare Insurance Agents are standing by to answer your questions.


Texas Medicare Advantage Plans

Similar to an HMO or PPO, Texas Medicare Advantage Plans are an additional choice for Texas Seniors. Advantage Plans also know as Medicare Part C are administered by individual private insurance providers that are approved by Medicare. There are a variety of medicare advantage plans in Texas.


Houston Medicare Advantage Plans

With medicare enrollment season fast approaching, Houston seniors should be looking to team up with a medicare insurance agent


Arizona Medicare Advantage Plans

With a population of over 6.5 million people, Arizona has about 850,000 seniors who are medicare beneficiaries. Seniors can access Medicare Advantage and Supplement Plans in Arizona from numerous insurance company providers. Find the Best Arizona Medicare Plans by completing one or more medicare quotes on this page.