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2015 Medicare Advantage Satisfaction Survey

If you’re a Senior Citizen in the United States and you’re looking for a Medicare Advantage plan there was a survey released today done from the JD Power Company.They did a satisfaction study of Medicare Advantage members and we’ve included this article on the page,of the top Medicare Advantage providers. We have all listed here […]


Medicare Plans of America

In 1998 Bill Simms registered AffordableBenefits.com and began marketing discount dental and health plans to US Residents. Twelve years later he registered Medicare Plans of America and began helping US Seniors find better deals on medicare plans.


Arcadian Health ArcadianHealth.com Humana Merger

Humana Inc one of the largest insurance providers in the Medicare Advantage Plan field recently aquired Arcadian Health. Arcadian Health since the1996 has provided medicare plans for Seniors in Arkansas,Texas,Georgia and several other states.


Options for Optima Health Medicare Enrollees

Optima Health no longer participating in the medicare advantage program. Read more about why and how you can find the best medicare advantage plan to meet your health needs.


Better with Humana

Humana Medicare is a Louisville, Kentucky based insuance company in the USA. If you have watched any television recently, you probably saw the Humana Medicare television ads.