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Medicare Advantage Plans 2014

Q&A on Medicare Advantage Plans 2014 On the subject of Medicare Advantage Plans 2014, there are some concerns and confusion on the part of Seniors. Some are asking: Q: Will Obamacare have an effect on how I get Medicare? A: No. If you are currently qualified for Medicare or will be turning 65 in 2013-2014 […]


Medicare Plans of America

In 1998 Bill Simms registered AffordableBenefits.com and began marketing discount dental and health plans to US Residents. Twelve years later he registered Medicare Plans of America and began helping US Seniors find better deals on medicare plans.


What Are Medicare Advantage Plans?

What is a Medicare Advantage Plan and is it the Best Medicare Plan for you? This article will let you know how Advantage Plans began, what they are and what to look for in a Medicare Advantage Plan.


Medicare Insurance for America

It’s Medicare Open Erollment Season again and time to evaluate medicare plans if you are on medicare. There are plenty of medicare plans out there to choose from if you have the official medicare plan.


What is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Benefit Plans are classified as Medicare Part C. These exclusive insurance coverage plans provide the same coverage as Medicare Part A and B, with more thorough benefits and services. There are numerous private Medicare Insurance coverage Corporations that provide Medicare Benefit Coverage in the USA.