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Medicare Advantage Insurance

Compare Medicare Advantage Insurance

Medicare Advantage Insurance

Medicare Advantage Insurance

Seniors can compare Medicare Advantage Insurance and receive online medicare quotes at Medicare Advantage Plans.us. We offer a state by state listing of medicare advantage insurance and supplemental medicare plans. Online visititors will can simpley click on the US Medicare map at our medicare insurance quotes page. At each individual state listing of medicare plans you will find the top medicare insurance providers that are medicare approved for your state.

Medicare Advantage Insurance Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans enrollment has increased 10% over the past year according to updated medicare data*. Let’s explore what exactly what medicare advantage is. * “At the same time, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported that  premiums for Medicare Advantage plans have fallen by 7% on average since this  time last year”. Medicare Advantage Plans are private medicare plans designed for Seniors on Medicare who prefer to have a choice on the plans they choose. *”The Department of Health and Human Services said enrollment in Medicare  Advantage plans has risen to 12.8 million from 11.7 million a year earlier.  Average premiums, meantime, have fallen to $31.54 from $33.97″.

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Medicare Advantage Insurance Extras

Why are medicare advantage plans so popular with Seniors?  The plans are provided by private insurance companies and are medicare approved. Often these advantage plans provide additional benefits like vision care, hearing, dental care and health club memberships. Advantage plans typically are available at lower monthly premiums than other medicare plans. Seniors who are 64 yrs and 9 months should apply for medicare, then compare medicare insurance quotes by state.

*Reference: Medicare Advantage Enrollment Growth

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