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Medicare Advantage Plans 2013

Medicare Advantage 2013Medicare Advantage Plans 2013. 2013 has finally arrived and when it comes to medicare in 2013, Seniors can expect some changes in medicare advantage plans.  Medicare Advantage Plans.us is a  advantage plans specific site where Seniors can find Medicare Advantage plans online. You’ll also  find daily state related medicare news on  every page and comprehensive state medicare plan listings. Just scroll down the side of any page at Medicare Advantage Plans.us and you will find the latest medicare news and any news on changes in Medicare Advantage 2013.

Changes for Medicare Advantage Plans 2013

At Medicare Advantage Plans.us you will find the latest Medicare Advantage Plans 2013 news and updates so that you will know what to expect for changes coming to medicare plans in 2013.  We have posted the most recent Medicare Advantage Plans 2013 news below (posted Jan 26, 2013). In addition you can find the latest daily Medicare Advantage 2013 news on the right  of the page in the sidebar.

Changes Implemented in Medicare 2013

One thing is certain as of this posting. Americans who pay Medicare taxes on their wages are subject to an extra 0.9% Medicare tax if their 2013 taxable Medicare wages are over $200,000. Of course most American will not be effected by these 2013 Medicare changes in the federal tax law. This is a medicare tax increase on the employee’s wages directly and is not a tax increase on the employers tax responsibility.

The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 was passed by Congress on Jan 1, 2013. This puts come changes into place for Medicare.

  • Freezes medicare reimbursement rates for Physicians to 2012 levels.
  • It also postpones sequestration cuts to Medicare providers until March 1.
  • In addition hospitals and other providers have favorable benefit with the act.

In general it seems that Congress did what it had to in order to keep the Medicare system functioning properly.  There is  recent talk about raising the age for Medicare eligibility. Whatever changes are made to Medicare in 2014 and beyond, the future viability of Medicare lies  in the hands of those we elect to run our government.  For a more detailed analysis of the  American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 visit health care reform  insights.

Video on Medicare 2013

Rich Daly is a Federal Health Policy Reporter for ModernHealthCare in Washington Dc. Here is what he had to say: “For 2013 I expect a growing focus on major policy changes to Medicare and Medicaid, ad part of a larger effort to reform entitlements and reduce the federal governments growing debt. Both Republicans and Democrats in Washington appear united in an effort to shield Medicare and Medicare beneficiaries from any direct cuts. So expect a growing focus on providers, drug makers and insurers.” ….

Recent Medicare Advantage Plans 2013 News

Medicare Advantage Plans 2013

Medicare Advantage Plans for 2013

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Compare Medicare Plans for 2013

If   you are just turning 65, it may be in your best interest to Compare Medicare Advantage Plans. You will find the top insurance providers in your state. Compare 2 or 3 providers for best results. Oct 15 – Dec 7th 2013 is open enrollment for all Medicare recipients. Be sure to save this page and come back in October to compare medicare plan rates.

Medicare Advantage Plans 2013 article updated Jan 26, 2013.