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Medicare Advantage Plans Comparison

The timing is right to compare medicare advantage plans for the upcoming 2011-2012 season. We have partnered with some of the best medicare advantage plans in the USA and showcased those medicare providers in our USA Medicare Directory. Just click on your State and get medicare quotes from one or more of the ten medicare plan providers listed. It’s really just that easy!

Quotes on Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans

Open Season Enrollment for Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Enrollment
October 15th begins the medicare enrollment period for Seniors. Between Oct 15 - Dec 7th eligible Seniors can switch to a Medicare Advantage Plan, add a Medicare Supplement Plan or add on a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. There are several other changes that can be made in addition. If you are looking to join a Medicare Advantage Plan or to get Medicare Supplement Insurance enter your zip code below.

Medicare Advantage Plans the Good News

‚ You may have heard a lot about medicare advantage plans. It was just recently projected that the cost of medicare advatages plans will go‚ down by 4%.‚  Medicare Advantage provides a choice of private insurance plans that usually offer lower out-of-pocket costs than traditional Medicare. Its popularity has increased steadily and now about one-quarter of Medicare’s 48 million beneficiaries are signed up. Learn more at what are medicare advantage plans?

Comparing Other Medicare Plans

‚ Other options for Seniors to compare would be supplemental medicare and senior rx plans. A Medicare Supplement insurance plan helps cover the gaps in coverage that are left unpaid after Original Medicare pays its portion of your health care expenses. For this reason, these plans are often referred to as Medigap plans.

Medicare has contracted with several insurance companies, to offer prescription drug plans also known as PDP’s. These prescription plans replace the drug discount cards.Many medicare advantage providers include PDPs with their plans. You can compare all these medicare supplement,RX and‚ Medicare Advantage Plans at the USA Medicare Directory.

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans

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  1. […] which is still showing on the site. It seems that with Medicare Plan costs down 4% for 2012  the Medicare Advantage Plans would be more popular as Seniors usually get RX Coverage with the Advantage […]

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