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Medicare Premium for 2013

Your 2013 Medicare Premium

The medicare premium for 2013 has had a rate increase. If you are just turning 65 or currently on medicare, you will want to know what your medicare premium is. Medicare premiums do change from year to year and you can count on this medicare site for the lastest medicare premium prices, news and information. With our medicare premium news feed at the bottom in the sidebar of this page you can stay updated for 2013 and 2014 on medicare premiums. If you are looking to upgrade your basic medicare plan you can explore optional medicare advantage plans in your state.

Medicare Premium for 2013

The monthly medicare premium that Seniors pay each month is set by Medicare each and every year. If you are apply for social security at 65 or later you can have social security automatically deduct your monthly medicare premium. Out of sight equals out of mind, you might say.  Let’s  review the Medicare Premiums for 2013 below.

  • Part A (Hospital Insurance) Monthly Premium: Most Americans do not pay a monthly premium for Medicare Part A, provided that they or their spouse have 40 or more 3-month quarters in which they paid federal income and medicare taxes.
  • (Medical Insurance) Medicare Part B Monthly Premium: The majority of Americans pay a premium of $104.90 a month to enjoy the health benefits of medicare. Medicare Premiums Based On Income: This monthly premium is income adjusted, so if you are an individual earning over $85,000 or file a joint tax return and earn over $170,000 your premium will be more.
  • Part C (Medicare Advantage) Premiums: The monthly cost of the optional Medicare Advantage Plans will vary depending on the plan that you join. Some of the medicare approved Advantage Plans offer a NO Monthly Premium Plan and the prices will go up depending on the benefits provided. Medicare Advantage enrollees are still responsible for the monthly Part B premium.
  • Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage) Premiums: Your monthly premium will vary, depending on which plan you get. There are two private plan types that offer Part D Coverage. 1) Prescription Drug Plans or PDPs provide insurance coverage on prescription drugs for Seniors. 2) Medicare Advantage Plans (MA) that include prescription drug coverage. *Be aware that Medicare imposes a late enrollment penalty  for those seniors who do not acquire prescription drug coverage in a timely manner (see reference below).

A Visual Guide on Medicare Premiums

What does Medicare cost video by Humana is an informational 4 minute video that explains  how medicare works, medicare premiums and deductibles. Find medicare quotes from Humana.

News on Medicare Premium

The Future Of Medicare Why You Should Be Worried. San Francisco Chronicle. Additionally premium costs could sky rocket because many insurance programs charge based on age-banding rules. Expect Even Higher out of Pocket Costs The death of Medicare would mean an increase in the financial burden on senior citizens and the.  San Francisco Chronicle

COLLITON Medicare is different when it happens to you. Daily Local News. Since you put off receiving Social Security Medicare B premiums could not be deducted from your monthly Social Security payments. So you need to pay them separately. There is an exception. If you have an acceptable employer-based or retiree-based and more. COLLITON Medicare is different when it happens to you Daily Local News

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References: Monthly Medicare Premiun at Medicare.gov – Part D Penalty

Medicare Premium article updated Feb 3, 2013.

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